Gorgeous bread at Forn Pes de sa Palla

All breads at Forn Pes de sa Palla are made with their own sourdough, which comes from organic grapes and respects the times and temperatures of natural fermentation.The flour used is grounded by stone and the ingredients are Km 0.
Mallorca sea salt, tomatoes, olives and virgin olive oil of arbequina and koroneiki varieties that come from the organic farm of Esment Alimentació. Produced in a traditional way with an innovative and quality result. They are breads that smell, taste and last. Forn Pes de sa Palla belongs to Esment Alimentació.
A delicious place.
Forn Pes de sa Palla has a history linked to the world of bread. It occupies the same place where during the 1940s Rafael Vaquer Juliá’s bread factory was located. Today it is next to the Cafè Pes de sa Palla, the first restaurant managed by Esment Alimentació more than 20 years ago. At that time, the Cafè was a pioneering initiative at European level in the insertion of people with intellectual disabilities.
As in the rest of Esment Alimentació projects, Forn Pes de sa Palla is formed and gives socio-labor opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities. Their activities related to gastronomy and food allow the incorporation of people throughout the process and their participation contributes the highest added value to the product.
The team incorporates technology that facilitates the processes: fermentation, cooking, refrigeration, maintenance … The team, formed by 22 people (16 training), is directed by the cook and trainer, Óscar Martínez.The consultant of the global project is the chef and Best Artisan Master of Spain winner, Oriol Balaguer.

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