Enjoy the little things in Mallorca.

Jean Reno,  Laia Costa and Mallorca star in the short film  ‘The Little things’ by Estrella Damm beer. Reno plays a great actor who is shooting a James Bond explosions tuxedo kind of film.

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“Las pequeñas cosas”. Estrella Damm.



He has some difficulty with a phrase that he does not get to say with a straight face because he feels it is self-help booklet material. With their constant interruptions the shooting stops. He must stay on the island for four days until another model ship arrives so they can repeat his explosion scene and line. This forced break spending four days in Mallorca will end up with him enjoying, despite his reticence, the benefits of the island.

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“Las pequeñas cosas”. Estrella Damm.



Since 2009 Estrella Damm has been betting big on the concept of the Mediterranean personality of their product. A lifestyle, culture, gastronomy and way of understanding life. This time presents two emotionally opposing characters: a sour actor and a cheerful tourist guide  who eventually find some common ground.

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“Las pequeñas cosas”. Estrella Damm.


Shot in several locations in the Balearic Islands, mainly in Majorca, with the soundtrack, Those Little Things by Catalan composer Ramon Mirabet its highlights are: el camí de Sa Figuera (Sóller), Cala Tuent (Escorca) and Caló des Màrmols (Santanyí).

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“Las pequeñas cosas”. Estrella Damm.



The beautiful nature of those locations and local cuisine soon sweeten the actor’s personality. After a tour of the Serra de Tramuntana, a day of snorkeling and delicious fresh local fish and seafood … Who could manage to stay angry?


Captura de pantalla 2016-06-10 a las 11.32.30

“Las pequeñas cosas”. Estrella Damm.



He concludes: “Thank you for these days, you have reminded me that the best there is in life is enjoying the little things”. There is no doubt that Majorca is one of those places in the world where you soon learn that few things bring us greater joy than a good climate, nice food and friends to share it all.

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“Las pequeñas cosas”. Estrella Damm.



Rather than a magnificent breakfast on our own in a five star hotel lets share a traditional majorcan ensaimada with a loved one.


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“Las pequeñas cosas”. Estrella Damm.










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