Let’s use public transport better!

The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) launches the second phase of the information campaign to promote the good use of public transport. The initiative, which has been published in four languages, is committed to clear and direct messages through an open-minded image.

Rules are reinforced such as going to the back of the bus or raising your hand at the bus stop to stop the bus. The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) has launched the second phase of the campaign to promote the good use of public transport. The information campaign aims to remind both residents and tourists the rules of use to be followed within municipal buses.

The Councilor for Mobility, Joan Ferrer, has ensured that this new initiative now “can be seen inside the buses” with “messages are basic”. “The administration must work and continue to promote public transport, that is what we are doing, but we also understand that there must be a co-responsibility task on the part of the user,” Ferrer said. The councilman recalled that the works council asked the EMT management to carry out a campaign on good practices.

In this phase of the campaign a different communication format was used based on 6 models of “hanging” type cards with 12 different messages (2 messages per card), giving a total of 1,200 cards that will be placed during the next two weeks in the inner buses of the different EMT lines.

The initiative has a clear image to transmit messages clear and direct and easily understandable, according to Ferrer. It has been published in four languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish, English and German).


The messages that have been most affected are:

• The need to go to the back of the bus whenever possible and not stay ahead.

• Raise your hand when the bus is waiting at the stop to warn you to stop.

• Respect seats for pregnant women, the elderly and people with reduced mobility.


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Full information at Palma Town Hall website

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