Accesible beaches for EVERYONE.

In 2015 using a wheelchair should not mean any limitations to enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean waters. Every day more beaches meet all the requirements for everyone to equally enjoy the summer. In Mallorca, about 60 beaches and coves have ramps, walkways… and all essential accesses so a person on a wheelchair can have a comfortable day at the beach.

Two good examples of these beaches are Cala Estància and Cala Major.

Cala Estància is an urban beach protected by two breakwaters with shallow calm waters. This beach has an accessible paved area, rest areas, ramps and walkways so getting to the sand is an easy job. The beach itself can be reached by public transport and there is a service of support personnel so that people with disabilities can bathe under the supervision of an assistant who will accompany them into the water thus ensuring their safety at all times.

Cala Major is an urban beach that is also accessible by public transport. A quiet environment that welcomes all visitors: tourist and local families, young and old. It has a ramp and a gateway so wheelchairs can comfortably reach the shore. You can also request their amphibious crutches service to enter the water.

Both beaches offer a personalized service for visually impaired people which you may book on +34 971 260 171

The support service for physical disabilities Cala Major and Cala Estància is offered from mid-June to mid-September from 10:00 to 18:00.

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